Wednesday, 31 October 2012




 Freelancers discuss bid techniques:

Discussed in the previous phase, a beautiful profile can greatly increase your chance of winning bid. Before the bid is confirmed, you understand the task. But note, that the projects are bid, the buyer any country. If Europe / America, the eyes and the bid. But, the country is buyer very flexible attitude.
Then bid message that you have been able to understand the client Requirement, publish it. Freelancing is an example of a link building site buyer. Requirement. You can enter a bid in the message -
Would you like create backlink in pr-2 to pr-5 site for your site?
Or I can.
High pr backlink + cheap cost + timeframe + satisfaction.
After a private message you bid you a secret message, which is not the work of any other freelancers Sample etach can see. Freelancers is a lot of work to reduce the rate of the message. The type of work you decide. If the action is not professional and buyer Special Requirement is to reduce the rate of job performance, Sample or try winning bid. On the other hand, if it is, where you have a good idea - mainly low-budget action buyer want to be treated, then reduce the Bead Amounts. PMB (Private Message) to two writing samples are provided.
For example I'm ready to work with your asking budget.
Or Please tell me your actual budget, i'm ready to work with cheap rate.

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